Welcome to Fulltec AG Switzerland


Once the Fulltec Project started with a vision - to substitute synthetical substances in the biocidal-market by providing effective alternatives.

Wherever it works - wherever it makes sense!

The idea was to use already excisting knowledge of nature, based on the fact that efficient and natural ways of repelling and killing of insects has been invented long before mankind stepped into this world.

Based on State-of-the-Art technology and patented processes the Fulltec products exhaust the full efficacy of the active substances* p-menthane- 3,8-diol (PMDRBO) and Geraniol.

* Fulltec joins the notification of both active substances in line with EU BPD98/8. The resulting knowledge and data of Fulltec offers our costumers the highest level of regulatory safety (product registration, notification, etc.)!