Active Substances keeping away trouble!


Since years products based on FULLTEC Active Substances PMDRBO and Geraniol have been successfully used against Cats & Dogs in gardens and homes. In the right type of formulation these Active Substances can also be applied in order to avoid infestation and damage of key car parts by martens. A further field of application, especially for Geraniol, is the repelling of rodents such as voles (small and large) and moles in non-agricultural areas such as under patios, terraces, pathways, walls and playgrounds.

Altogether they are cute animals, however, if cats & dogs repeatedly mark walls of homes and garden fences, if martens attack vehicles by biting into cables and hoses or if voles & moles start digging up areas on which people are moving and resting, for most folks this starts to be a major problem that is no longer acceptable.

Noone would want to kill these animals, especially when knowing that they are just disturbed in their territorial behaviour or because they have offspring in their nest or burrow. The best compromise is to keep away or repel these animals in order to avoid new or re-establishment of a population in an area.

A new generation of FULLTEC repellents such as Marten-, Cat & Dog Stop or Vole & Mole Stop can solve the problem without killing. These products repel and keep away unwanted rodents/vertebrates. You could say that they get scared and the area gets unattractive for them.

All new products are currently undergoing a vast testing program in order to comply with the requirements of tomorrow (BPR 528/2012)!


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.