Why cracking nuts with a sledge hammer?


Ants, moths, cockroaches, silverfish and all the other unbidden invadors can cause damages, create a hygiene problem or they are just a nuisance.

Quickly the question arises, how and by which help from which type of product and Active Substance one will get a problem solution.

Whereas many Active Ingredients in pesticides help on the short-term, they may also carry risks for the user and the environment.

The use of certain Active Substances and products can in the worst case even make complex decontamination measures necessary after years of repeated use.

A constantly growing number of consumers therefore wants to avoid such questionable product in the home environment, mostly to reduce health and environmental risks associated with the application.

Household insecticides of Fulltec AG are exclusively based on Geraniol. The Active Substance, widely available in  nature, is defended by Fulltec under the Regime of BPR 528/2012. 

If used in the right quantity, Geraniol provides an excellent efficacy spectrum against a variety of relevant household pests, at the same time providing the smallest possible risk for the user.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.