Fullaway® Vole and Mole Stop Balls

Fullaway® Vole- and Mole Stop repels voles and moles from nests, courses (tunnels) and burrows.


  • effective rodent repellent  
  • keeps away voles and moles of up to 6 weeks
  • immediate and lasting effect
  • convenient to use
  • year-round applicable in biocidal areas like under patios, stairways to the house, paths, squares, driveways, walls, playgrounds, banks, building structures and for  prevention of hazards by lowering surfaces and potential risk of tumbling
  • also effective against water voles, rabbits, gophers and other rodents


Instruction for use:

Before use determine the extent of the rodent course system. Open the courses at various locations and at first clean entrances or openings from loose soil material. Next allow the balls to roll into the burrows and runways. Afterwards close the opening with soil and then stamp the ground. Don´t leave any holes or depressions.

Moles are protected animals, they do not suffer or are adversly effected from the proposed treatment.



Use biocides safley. Always read the label and product information before use.