Fullaway® Marten Stop Bands

Fullaway® Marten Stop Repellent Bands keeps martens immediately and persistently away.


  • to avoid bowsing damage by martens
  • protects cables, brake- and radiator hoses as well as electrical equipment of motor vehicles and trailers
  • easy to apply
  • effective protection
  • immediate and lasting effect
  • neutralises existing mal-odors
  • also effective against garden dormice and ferrets in attics


Instruction for use:

Attach the Fullaway® Marder Stopp repellent bands at these spots of the engine compartment, which are easily accessible for martens. This includes all ground-level areas. Ideally Fullway® Marten Stop bands are attached at four strategic locations of the engine compartment. Spare very hot expectant and rotating engine parts. Avoid mounting on exhaust parts.

Before the first application a thorough engine washing is recommended.



Use biocides safley. Always read the label and product information before use.