Fullaway® Dog and Cat Stop Spray

Fullaway® Dog and Cat Stop keeps dogs and cats away – spray on target areas.


  • effective repellent against dogs and cats
  • also against martens and other rodents
  • immediate and lasting effect
  • neutralises existing mal-odors
  • prevents contamination of homes, facades, doors, etc.
  • convenient as ready-to-use
  • also suitable for indoor areas



Instruction for use:

Please shake Fullaway® Dog and Cat Stop well before use.

Spray daily during the first 7 days in areas frequently visited by dogs and cats. Continue the treatment until the pets avoid the treated areas and no longer contaminate them by urinating, marking and excreting.

Before first use it is recommended to thoroughly clean heavily contaminated and soaken areas with warm soap water (increases the speed of action!). Subsequently repeat the application once a week.



Use biocides safley. Always read the label and product information before use.