X-Line SpotOn Drops (biocidal product)

X-Line Spot-On Drops for the reliable defence against ticks, fleas, biting lice and lice. Repellent based on the active substance Geraniol.

Key Claims

  • outstanding immediate and long-term efficacy
  • protects against ticks, fleas and biting lice
  • against new infestation
  • long-term protection (3-5 weeks)
  • long and comprehensive effect because of excellent spreading properties
  • will not burden the organism - no permeation
  • to be used also for young animals
  • sustainable and effective -  no resistance possible
  • pleasant scent 


Instruction for use:

Apply equally a drop directly on the skin from the tail-base to the top of the head. (part the hair)  Depending on the animal´s size put 2-4 drops next to the armpits. After washing the animal the application has to be repeated. Don´t apply it on the fur. 
Don´t rub in the liquid. Don´t use it in the area of snout or eyes. Wash your hands after the application. 


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.