Protect-Line / Pet-Protection-Spray (biocidal product)

Fulltec Protect-Line Pet-Protection-Spray provides immediate protection against fleas and ticks. Based on the active substance Geraniol.


Key Claims

  • excellent immediate  effect
  • protects against ticks, fleas and biting lice
  • against new infestation
  • will not burden the organism - no permeation
  • to be used also for young animals
  • sustainable and effective  - no resistance possible
  • no risk from contact and in handling the treated animal
  • pleasant scent


Instruction for use: 

If there is a high expected intensity of infestation the pet has to be sprayed extensively or apply the Pet-Protection-Spray by hands and massage in thoroughly on the entire body. If there live more pets in your hosehold, all animals should be treated accordingly.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.