Trimeticon Remover Shampoo

Fullsan® Remover Shampoo for removing residues of dimethicone-based lice preparations.


  • regenerating cleansing of hair and scalp
  • reliably removes oil residues and dead lice and nits
  • gentle to hair and scalp
  • dermatologically tested
  • suitable for children from the first year of life


Instruction for use:

Use Fullsan® Remover Shampoo after the treatment of dimethicone-based lice preparations.

Apply a sufficient amount of shampoo with the addition of a small amount of warm water on your hair and scalp.

Massage the Remover Shampoo thoroughly to all areas that have been treated with dimethicone-based products.

Then wash the Remover Shampoo thoroughly out of the hair by using plenty of warm water. Afterwards dry the hair in the usual way.