Fulltec products now Ecocontrol certified!


Reliable efficacy against target organisms now with Eco-Control certificate for selected Fulltec formulations.

Eco-Control is an inspection- and certification organisation for ecological products and quality control systems within the non-food sector. It certifies and controls standards for organic and bio-cosmetics as well as biocidal products.

The Eco-Control hallmark on our products guarantees the ecological origin of raw materials and the compliance with modern quality control standards. Eco-Control in particular stands for and proves sustainable, ethical oriented company standards and an integrated company philosophy.  

In a first step, Fulltec obtained certificates for its representative, with data supported products such as:

Further product certificates are in preparation.


Do you wish to make this hallmark available to your customers?

If today you already use Fulltec´s pre-mixes, bulk oder finished products of the above listed categories you can – for a more powerful marketing of your products - make use of this seal against a small yearly fee. 

When interested in in-depth information please do not hesitate to contact us any time per phone, email or regular mail.